Meaningful connections create a healthier, happier team.

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Say goodbye to loneliness

Two out of three people don’t have close friends at work. Loneliness has always been a workplace issue, but with Tahora it doesn’t have to be!

Focus on the person behind the job title and make the whole team feel included, happier and more productive.

Bring back belonging

Let’s reconnect the workforce through community. Tahora connects people with their people, at work. Monday mornings should start the fun, not end it!
Tahora Support
Your Development


Put wellbeing and development at the heart of your workplace culture. Find wellbeing resources, signpost to Mental Health First Aiders and make it easier than ever to access the help you need, when you need it most.

Know your team

Tahora’s insights are your new super-power. View anonymous data through your employer dashboard and see what’s really impacting them.
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Tahora Security

Your data is yours to keep

Tahora is a secure platform where communication is only between colleagues, not sold on or shared with the employer.

We provide an enterprise-grade secure platform with passwordless log-in for employee privacy.
Security at Tahora