We're highlighting the humans behind the job titles. Bringing your full self to work starts with Tahora.

The Tahora

In 2019, Ben and Mike joined forces to create something that would bridge the gap between work and life: Tahora.

From our mission through to our name, a sense of belonging is at our core.

Tahora is inspired by how Maori’s live. Community is central to the Maori way of life. To them, it’s something of meaningful value where they belong and contribute.

We spend a third of our lives at work. Our sense of belonging needs to start there.
Tahora Mike Rose
Tahora Bottle
Tahora Cocktail Class
Tahora Ben Towers
Tahora Cocktail Class


together, as one, in unison.



life, health, vitality.

Support beyond the workplace

Connection and a sense of belonging are at the heart of Tahora. We’re proud to be supporting other organisations with the same values.

“Tahora for Good” is all about charity and not-for-profit discounts. And, specialised support to our newly launched furlough fund which offered Tahora to businesses with furloughed staff, for free!
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Investing in SMEs to aid their business growth and employee connection.

Emergency Services

Giving back to the amazing teams who selflessly keep everyone safe and well.


Supporting charities to connect with their employees and volunteers for free!