Connect your hybrid workforce

Tahora improves belonging and retention by bringing your workforce together through interests and location.

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Bring your culture goals and employee benefits together

Combine community, resources, benefits and events to super-charge your hybrid working culture and make the most of the time together.


Increase engagement by 80%


Improve wellbeing scores by 75%


Grow D&I engagement by 25%


Improves performance by 56%


2x less likely to leave


Integrate new joiners 20% faster


Invest in your workplace belonging

A connected employee is more productive, has improved wellbeing
and is less likely to leave.

Find colleagues nearby

Check-in to the office to get together and see what's going on, or find out who is working nearby to you from home to meet-up with.

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In-person and virtual experiences

Create team events on Tahora or join experiences with colleagues, in-person or virtual.

Tahora experiences

Connect with like-minded colleagues

Encourage employees to connect over the things that they love, building meaningful relationships that make them feel at home.

From colleagues to community

Create and grow communities around interests, company initiatives or events -helping employees to find their tribe.

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Your wellbeing in one place.

Create a community-led wellbeing strategy, integrated with all your company wellbeing tools.

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Based on 3,000 employees...

*according to statistics from Deloitte & Vitality


have no close
friends at work


lost because of a
lack of belonging


people don’t find
their work engaging


days per year lost
because of burnout

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